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Residential Services

Your home relies on dozens of water features to function day in and day out over the course of decades. When one of those main components fail, it takes away the convenience from you leaving you high and dry.

Commercial Plumbing

Whether you’re a small store or a large retail chain, it’s essential to have the proper plumbing. We understand how vital these systems are and how they can be a crucial role and an overall functionality of your establishment.

Emergency Plumber Services

There is no perfect timing for a sudden pipe or a broken water fixture. You can’t wait for the next business day to fix your issue. By calling Aux Rooter, you won’t have to. Our plumbers are available 24/7 to respond with a correct solution.

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24/7 Available Plumbing Service

Call us anytime for any emergency plumbing service. From leak detections to an emergency gas line repair, our team is dedicated to serve you anytime of the day at any given day. Leaks and malfunctions are inevitable. That’s why we’ve made sure to stay open for any circumstance.


Free Verbal Estimates

We offer a free quote upon visit with no charge or obligation to the customer. We understand that all repairs vary depending on mechanical malfunctions. Our team will provide you with the most accurate quote to the best of our knowledge.

Serving Southern California

Aux Rooter covers a broad map of the OC and Los Angeles area. Our team is readily available for you whether it being residential or commercial. Since the founding of our company, we’ve been the friendly, local Orange County plumbers you can trust and count on.

Your Best Orange County Plumbers At Work 24/7

At Aux Rooter, we stand by our passion for the highest quality workmanship. Our goal is to deliver the best customer service experience for each job that we take on. The plumbing system is like the nervous system of a building. No building is ever without it. Therefore, over time maintenance and updates of the plumbing infrastructure are required by every house or building owner. Not just that but the installation of a new and complete plumbing system or perhaps just a change of fixtures or an update to your heating system are things we all require to be done at some time in our lives, and we’re here to look after your needs for just that. Based in Orange County, California, our professional and dedicated plumbers are trained in the art of all things water, heating, or gas related that you may need to be done.

If you’re residing in the Southern Californian region of OC and are in need of any kind of plumbing related services give us a call. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch services to our clients, using the best in equipment and sending only the best-trained professionals to your doorstep for your plumbing needs. Our list of satisfied clients in Southern California grows every day and their support and praise are what drives us to strive and be even better at our jobs.

Why You Need a Professional

When faced with a plumbing related problem or maybe just installation of a new purchase at your home, you may be tempted to try it yourself, or you may contact someone who was referred to you that has plumbing related experience, but instead of doing all that here’s why you should choose our professional services instead.

Our workmen are trained and equipped with the latest technologies, enabling them to do their job in the best and the most efficient way that is beneficial to both you, and us. Don’t worry about the mess or clutter being left behind after a job because our plumbing professionals handle everything in the ablest way. With years of experience under their belt, they can also make an inspection and aid you in making informed decisions that suit both your budgetary requirements and lifestyle. Choose a time that suits you, and let our plumbers do the rest.

Another reason is that while most new faucets, fixtures, showerheads, heating equipment, etc. you purchase come with a warranty that you can claim in case of an issue, that warranty does not hold if you are not careful in your choice of plumbers. Unless your new purchase is installed at your premises by a professional and certified plumber, you may find that the warranty has been voided, making you ineligible for it.

Getting Your Job Done Right The First Time

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services for residents of the OC so that your plumbing problems become a thing of the past. When you choose us, we make your problem our own, and work on finding and applying the best solution that suits you!

Repairs and Installations

Whether it be repairs or installations, we do it all. We know that you’re busy and that when you make time out of your routine for a visit from a plumber you expect the problem to be solved as efficiently and with as little mess as possible. That is why every one of our trained professionals takes care to treat your problem like their own and fix it in the most efficient manner.

Leak Detection

Leak detection is important, and that can’t be stressed enough. You might not even be aware of a leak that could be costing you a fortune in water or heating bills! The damage from constant moisture and wetness can end up costing you much more than the cost of leak detection and repair. Use state of the art technology, and our experience and knowledge of the business, our plumbers will detect all leaks, if any, and inform you of the best course of action.

Fixtures, Tubs, and More

Fixtures and tubs of all kinds are a necessary part of every home. Whether you’re looking for possible repairs, installation, or replacement, we handle it all. If you’re unsure whether your current situation demands repair or replacement services, then worry not. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to make budget-friendly choices when picking you replacement fixtures or tubs, with our help you can make an informed decision that suits your needs.

Emergency Plumbing

While plumbing problems can usually wait for a more appropriate time that suits you, sometimes it is not so. A burst pipe or a clogged drain in the middle of the night is definitely a cause for worry, and rightfully so. These are situations when the time is of the essence, and an immediate fix vital, in order to prevent damage and keep repair costs as low as possible. Our 24/7 emergency plumbing services are for situations exactly like these when something needs our immediate attention.

Sewer and Drain Cleaning

Sewers and drain cleaning becomes necessary over time. It helps prevent clogging and ensures that wastewater continues to make its way away from your home efficiently and effectively. Whether it be outdoor sewers and drains, or the ones inside your kitchen or bathroom, clogged by oils, grime, hair, and much more. With our equipment and expertise, we can clean and unclog even the most stubborn drains and sewers while taking care not to damage them.

Commercial And Much More

Our services are by no means limited to those mentioned above. We excel at providing a variety of plumbing related services related to and including, installing and repairing water purification systems, repairing garbage disposal systems, heat pumps, video camera inspections, and just about any residential problems you might have.

Why Choose Us

Plumbing for us is not just a job, we truly consider it a service that we’re providing for our clients in the OC. When you choose us, your satisfaction becomes our number one priority. That is why we aim to provide the best experience for you, so that you and ourselves, both can benefit from our interaction. Quality plumbing services at your doorstep are just one phone call away. Contact us now for our advice and help on any plumbing related inquiries you may have.


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